Public services

„Use instead of owning“ is the new motto, and it's becoming more popular every day. Embrace this trend and expand your business with car sharing and new mobility concepts.

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Electromobility is on the rise and is conquering the car market. Large vehicle manufacturers are now rethinking and offering new e-vehicles. Sharing stations directly at your charging stations contribute to utilization and are well received by customers.

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Expand your offer

New mobility concepts such as car sharing protect the environment and are also profitable. As a provider of sharing concepts, you expand your business model and act as a regional pioneer.

With the Zemtu platform you have all options: In addition to public car sharing, you can also appear as a provider for residential construction projects. Develop car sharing projects for industry, commerce or tourism.

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Supplement to public transport

Location-based car-sharing projects complement public transport and taxis as important cornerstones of regional transport. Together with your municipality, the city administration or regional partners, sustainable mobility concepts are created that contribute to traffic calming.

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For our environment — for a better climate

With sustainable mobility concepts, such as e-car sharing or bicycle, e-bike or cargo bike projects, you make a significant contribution to climate neutrality. Strengthen your brand and become a pioneer for sustainable projects.

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The Zemtu platform has extensive interfaces that make your workflow easier. Employee data can be synchronized and driving data can be retrieved via API. Connect your existing system and manage the data as you wish.

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