Corporate carsharing

Digitize your company fleet.

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Division into groups

In larger fleets, vehicles should be sensibly divided and manageable. The Zemtu car sharing platform gives you the flexibility you need: organize your vehicles into groups and give your employees access to them.

With this flexible grouping, you can also make the vehicles available to people outside your company, for example at off-peak times or at weekends.

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Benefits for employees

Use the advantages of a digital vehicle fleet and give your employees access to the company vehicles at weekends, for example.

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Extensive range of vehicles

Cars are not enough for you? Neither for us. A smart and environmentally friendly mobility solution also includes vans, scooters, and bicycles. Assemble your fleet according to your needs. With the Zemtu app, your customers can easily unlock and lock all vehicles.

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Tax office-compliant logbook

As a fleet manager, you determine whether users must enter a note or a purpose as a mandatory field for business trips. After the trip, the associated travel data is automatically added to the booking. All the data is available to you and can easily be exported to a logbook that conforms with the tax office.

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The Zemtu platform has extensive interfaces that make your workflow easier. Employee data can be synchronized and driving data can be retrieved via API. Connect your existing system and manage the data as you wish.

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