Car dealer

Expand your business model to put us on the trend of the future: carsharing.

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Expand your business model

Especially with the trend towards electric vehicles, the field of classic car dealership changes. Use this change and expand your business model. As a car dealership, you have the best conditions to start a successful project. We from Zemtu will gladly help you.

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Build customer loyalty

An advantage of carsharing is that users come into contact with them. Since CarSharing is often used as a two-car, the car sharing users are also potential customers who can appeal directly. Take advantage of these synergies and start your successful carsharing project now.

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Your community as a partner

An important factor for a successful project is good networking with regional partners. With the ZEMTU platform you have the opportunity to establish the service car sharing in your community. Together with the community and other regional partners, you are on the best way.