Bike sharing

In addition to the extensive functions in car sharing, the Zemtu software platform is also suitable for bicycle, cargo bike and e-bike sharing projects. By connecting the right hardware, you can implement bike sharing projects easily and economically.

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Provide your guests with bicycles that they can book and borrow themselves.

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Cargo bike sharing

A cargo bike is often a good alternative to the car thanks to the spacious transport box - e.g. when shopping or on a trip with children.

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Bike rental

The digitization of the bicycles makes utilization more visible and costs for care can be saved.

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Bike as a supplement

The bicycle is ideal for short distances and to reduce the number of cars. Often bicycles are offered as a supplement to mopeds and cars.

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Digitize existing rental

You have an existing bike rental and would like to digitize it? With the Zemtu platform, you can make the switch easily and at cost-effectively. Say goodbye to paperwork and make your project available digitally.

The advantages:

Bike handover without staff
24/7 pickup and drop-off
Customer retention
Instant billing by credit card
easily expandable
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Extension possible at any time

Start with a few bikes and scale up as you see fit. The Zemtu platform gives you every opportunity to expand your sharing offer with additional vehicles at any time. Use bicycles and e-bikes as well as e-cargo bikes, mopeds, e-mopeds or cars.