edrive is operating in Switzerland with a clear focus on e-mobility: the goal ist to provide emission-free cost-efficient mobility especially in the rural areas of Switzerland.

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100 % electric

100 % of the needed electricity is produced by solar panels of the Swiss agriculture. edrive’s main partners are municipalities, housing cooperatives and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

In 2017 edrive was launched as a project and in 2019 an organization was founded as a spin-off of LANDI Luzern-West. edrive constantly extends the area of operation.

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As one of the first Zemtu partners edrive offers the next generation of car sharing to their customers: with Smartcar it’s possible to put Tesla, BMW, VW Volkswagen, Kia, Ford, Audi, MINI, Volvo and many more vehicles into car sharing operations without the need for additional hardware: all actions are executed via the vehicle vendors’ APIs. This revolutionary approach greatly reduces costs and the effort to make vehicles ready for car sharing. edrive partially sponsored Zemtu’s cost calculator which now is available to all Zemtu partners.

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Due to the agility and flexibility of our software provider Zemtu we are able to swiftly put new business models in place and thus are already able to provide the solutions of tomorrow to our partners.

Mark Muff
Mark Muff project leader, edrive carsharing