caruso carsharing operates many vehicles that are owned by private individuals, municipalities, housing projects or companies. Caruso provides carsharing technology, hotline and billing (on demand) to their partners. Caruso oversees “operated by” projects throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

caruso carsharing
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The caruso network

In 2015 caruso carsharing decided to operate its own fleet and started with five vehicles in Vorarlberg which were positioned at the main railway stations in the Austrian province Vorarlberg. There are now more than 100 vehicles in the regional network. Overall Caruso operates more than 250 vehicles in Austria, Germany and Switzerland & Liechtenstein - many of them on behalf of their partners.

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Sharing groups

With the help of the Zemtu Carsharing Software it’s possible to manage different projects as a single organization. The sharing groups can be “public” but also “private”. Each user can be assigned to one or more sharing groups and thus access the respective vehicles. It is important for Caruso that the complete workflow from registration to billing is covered with this model.

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Back in 2009 Christian Steger-Vonmetz, Dominik Bartenstein, Philipp Metzler and Roland Kainbacher founded the CARUSO project together. Because there was no satisfying software solution available, we started developing our own. In 2015 Dominik, Philipp and Roland founded Zemtu to focus on the development of the carsharing software. Till nowadays they are members of the caruso carsharing eGen cooperative.

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We as caruso carsharing eGen. operate an Austrian wide car sharing network with different vehicles. Furthermore, we also support municipalities, residential projects and companies which want to set up their own car sharing services. Due to the flexibility of the Zemtu software we can provide all these car sharing schemes to our customers. At the same time the administration remains simple and clear.

Niko Fischer
Niko Fischer CEO, caruso carsharing