Autonapůl is the Czech Republic’s carsharing pioneer. With about one hundred own vehicles Autonapůl successfully provides carsharing to their members in the major cities of the Czech Republic: Prague , Brno , Pilsen , etc.

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Zone-based carsharing

Autonapůl coined the term “zone-based carsharing” which is a carsharing scheme that combines the advantages of the free-floating and station-based scheme. Booked vehicles are picked up in the defined zone and are returned to the same zone. This also allows for bookings in the future.

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Invoicing via API

Autonapůl was the first partner to use Zemtu’s REST Reservation Accounting API. The reservation data including the complete history is automatically fetched periodically and fed into Autonapůl’s sophisticated invoicing system.

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Autonapůl was founded in 2003 and since 2012 Autonapůl and Zemtu have been working together successfully. In 2017 we won the second prize of the Austrian Constantinus Award in the category “International projects”.

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The main challenge was to persuade part of the team to start a faster growth and to find a complex professional carsharing technology. Especially the cooperation with Zemtu has been working very smoothly till nowadays and we have many common future plans.

Michal Šimoník
Michal Šimoník Director, Autonapůl