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Zemtu carsharing is a professional web-based solution for small and large carsharing providers.
Share with us the highest demands regarding robustness, ease of use and flexibility.


Reliable hardware of our partner companies is the foundation of our carsharing system.

  • Unlock & lock with NFC chipcard
  • Exact data recording
  • Battery charging level retrieval
  • A lot of experience with large fleets worldwide
  • Universal solution for all vehicle types

Carsharing software

The software offers a wide range of functions combined with a userfriendly interface.

  • Simple booking with smartphone & PC
  • Extensive support utilities
  • Convenient administration interface
  • 100% standardized webtechnologies
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Business service

During operation we support you professionally. We also offer assistance in building up your carsharing services.

  • Level 2 support
  • Research & development
  • Mobility consulting


We provide reliable software to support professional and smooth carsharing service.
It's understood that we tailor the software according to your needs.

Graphical reservation calendar

Graphical reservation calendar

Easy reservation

Branding and customization

Branding and customization

Interface with your logo

Smartphone app

Smartphone app

Book, unlock & lock vehicles

Tax office suitable logbook

Tax office suitable logbook

Easy export

Comprehensive analytics

Analytics tools

Optimize your fleet utilization


Support tools

Easy to use interface for level 1 support

Vehicle unlocking & locking

Access control

Unlock & lock vehicles with NFC chipcards or smartphone app


Development philosophy

Test-driven development to meet highest quality standards.



Connect your software with our application programming interfaces


Strong partners that use the Zemtu carsharing system

  • Fleet Service

    Fleetservice AG

    Fleetservice is a provider of fleet management, based in Zurich (Switzerland). They manage large fleets such as Zurich Insurance. With corporate e-Carsharing the Zurich Insurance is a pioneer and relies on the Zemtu software.

  • Caruso Carsharing

    Caruso carsharing cooperative

    Caruso Carsharing is a cooperative based in Vorarlberg (Austria). The community consists of private persons, communities, cities and companies. Caruso started its service in the western part of Austria and is now operating all over the country.

  • Autonapul


    The carsharing organization Autonapul provides nation wide carsharing services in the Czech Republic. The vehicles are free floating. The Zemtu carsharing software displays their positions on a map.


Climate protection, resource conservation and energy-efficient mobility are important to us. For this reason, we have developed a software tool which enables our customers to operate professional carsharing.
Become a happy Zemtu carsharing software user as well!

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