Internship App Development (React)

We are looking for interns (m/f/d) in frontend and app development. Prerequisite: Interest in our work and high motivation.

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Area of responsibility

You develop modern, component-based frontend applications based on React, GraphQL as well as HTML, CSS & SASS etc.

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  • Good knowledge of React, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript/TypeScript

  • Important for you: Best Practice, (DRY) Don't repeat yourself, maintainability, usability and accuracy

  • Solution-oriented thinking

  • High self-motivation

  • Well-structured way of working

  • Pronounced willingness to learn and technical apprehension

  • Balanced personality

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  • Apprenticeship

  • Matura

  • Studies (FH/UNI)

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How we work

  • 💻 Flexible office: You can work with us locally and/or remotely

  • 👊 We practice Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • 🧑‍💻 Pull requests and code reviews are mandatory

  • ⏱️ Flexible working hours

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